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Jennifer Doheney

Focused on having energy to live a great life.
Healing teams and workspaces with real-life wellness education.
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Thanks for coming by. Please call me Jenn.

​I’m a wellness professional with extensive international business experience. And, I am uniquely qualified to help you build out your company’s wellness strategy.

​I’ve combined over 15 years of experience in leadership, strategy, budgeting & project management with 4 years of running a successful online business creating corporate wellness programs. 

​WELLOGA has worked with over 20 companies; SAP, Facebook, Foresters and Holt Renfrew to name a few. We have experience running hundreds of highly attended virtual events.

​I changed my professional direction after healing myself from a complicated battle with adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and celiac disease.

When I was living in Dubai as an ex-pat I experienced true burnout.

I had a job I loved working on large-scale department store projects. I was the liaison between the people designing the locations and the people who would eventually operate them.

I was travelling all the time for work, and pleasure, life was like fireworks! Feeling unwell was not welcome on my agenda. So, like most of us, I ignored the signs my body was giving me that something was up; low energy, low mood, memory issues and believe it or not my hair falling out.

This is the part of the story where most people assume my body was stressed from working too many hours and I say “no it was environmental issues”. But honestly, that part of the conversation is no longer important to me.

The takeaway here is I got signs something was wrong and swept it under the rug until it was so bad I had to deal with it.

After 4 years of Band-Aid solutions: coffee, vitamin injections, and buying every lotion and potion that promised to make look or feel better. Nothing ever resolved my issues, instead only masked the problem.  I finally resigned.

I created my silver lining by taking a 3-month visit and moved to Bali. My own eat, love, prey experience. Within 90 days I healed all my ailments with food, rest and yoga.

Well needless to say I was thrilled and fascinated.  The 3 months visit turned into a year-and-a-half stay. I took a job with a start-up opening a luxury wellness retreat focused on helping people with corporate burnout.

And spent all my free time studying, practicing and teaching yoga and meditation. Imagine a year of light bulb moments. And all I could think about was “why they don’t teach us this stuff in school”.

Now you might think yoga and think movement but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Yoga therapy, what I studied, teaches you about life philosophy, relationships, habits, and how to navigate through a challenge with grace and awareness.  

I have always been a fitness lover, and keenly interested in nutrition but finding the magic in balancing my body, mind & spirit through ancient wellness practices changed my life completely. So much so that I now teach teams the same practices that helped me.

WELLOGA expanded their services post-pandemic to help companies heal teams and workplaces through integrating wellness concepts in both remote and on-site life and bridging the gap in between so employees feel supported and businesses can move forward.

​If you are looking to build a successful LOVED wellness program you are in the right place! It all starts with a call.

​An employer or client of mine would describe me as agile, swift to resolve conflict, able to assess risk, and a very strong communicator. Lastly, they would say “she is calm” :)

​What I have come to learn is...

​Each person requires their own 'recipe' of stimulation vs. downtime, human vs. spiritual connection, as well as healthy food vs. exercise to remain balanced.

​As we age and the circumstances of our lives change so does our 'recipe' for balance.  With each big shift, other changes need to follow to make the transition smooth.   

Like how we feel now that the world has opened up again, it’s not quite the same and neither are we nor the companies we work for. This is a natural result after so much change and disruption. 

​Re-establishing your 'middle ground' can be time-consuming, frustrating and costly if you don't know where to start. That’s where I can help.

​We all need a little healing to find calm, clarity and peace again.  We need to thoughtfully listen, observe and make strategic changes.

You don't have to be a monk, an athlete, a hippie or an alternative to believing in the power of a well-being program just curiosity and a desire to help yourself and your team heal and move forward.


Jennifer is Canadian and a certified instructor under Yoga Alliance for Adults, Kids and Teens.. Fully insured to teach on site and CPR certified with Red Cross. She is currently working on her 500 hour Yoga Therapy certification with Svastha  - this combines traditional yoga, Ayurveda and elements of modern medicine together; a holistic & thoughtful approach to wellness. She is certified on the subject matter of stress & anxiety under Svastha.

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Yoga Therapy Certified :

Yoga Psychology for well-being, stress & anxiety

Yoga Therapy Certified :

Anatomy, physiology and, sequencing of the breath, Yoga Therapy for respiratory & cardiovascular disorders.

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Yoga Medicine:

Yoga Anatomy

Yoga Kids and Teens

Teacher Training

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