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Can't Take A Vacation But Need to Recharge.

Don't wait for the perfect time; 

Nourish yourself right now and lift your fatigue!

Eat well, relax & move gently right at home.

Get a thorough guide to Recharging your Body, Mind, Heart and Belly :) You can do in just a few hours hours! 

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14-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Join NOURISHMENT The Virtual Mini Retreat Today!

When you bring healthy food, gentle movement and real relaxation together you make 'wellness magic'.  This is your recipe to feel less stressed, anxious and catch up on good sleep. And the best part is you can have all this without taking a week off work or spending a ton of money which also removes stress!


I Know You'll Love NOURISHMENT

You will feel recharged from the inside out.


You want to enjoy your life more right?! 


You already know if you were exercising more, eating better and sleeping better things would improve. But you can't find the time and a vacation is out of the question; it's too expensive and you can't take time off. You are exhausted and life is out of balance. 


But it's ok because you are also tough!  Your plan is to push yourself just a little longer. (*Smile*, am I close?)


100% save up for that vacation this year I love to travel too, but don't wait to take care of yourself! 


Take the weekend and recharge. In just a few hours, for just a few dollars a day, you can feel like a new person; nourished and recharged. It's a fun and easy to follow, we are basically gonna retreat together at your home.


Trust me I'm good at this. And, I definitely know how you feel. 


With NOURISHMENT you can recharge without taking time off work or spending tons of money.


In this course you will:

  • Nourish your body with easy to make healthy meals.

  • Discover what YOU need to de-stress.

  • ​​Reduce physical tension with gentle yoga and breathing.

  • ​Calm your mind with simple meditation techniques.

  • ​Feel more relaxed to take on life's challenges.

You will feel recharged from the inside out.




Taking time off work.

Spending tons of money.

Leaving the comfort of your own home.


Just click the link below to add this course to your order.


I guarantee that with NOURISHMENT you will You will feel recharged from the inside out, or I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


RIGHT NOW, you can get all of this for just $47.


Don’t miss out – click below to add it to your order.

Why experience NOURISHMENT?

This virtual mini retreat was designed for kind good people who work too hard and never make time for themselves. Everyone loves it :) 


"My friend gifted me this self-led virtual retreat. I enjoyed it a lot! It includes a range of high quality videos and handouts. Each day of the retreat is broken into small learning units so it is very manageable. It is a great opportunity to do something nourishing for yourself. I think it is a valuable resource."

Lora McKay
United States

"I found value in the mindfulness practices and was exposed to new techniques that I've incorporated into my "normal" practice. I found the PDF resources Jenn crafted of extreme value. They're printed and serve as a reminder to come back to the present when I've been sitting at my computer screen for too long."

Ian Khan
Stacey Rumpf

"Jennifer is a radiant yogi who skillfully brings her calming voice and demeanor to her audience in the Mini Retreat. Her classes and instruction are what your mind & body is craving for the right balance between mindfulness and body flow."

“Room for magic” my favorite line on the meditation day. Jenn’s delivery of useful information and skill is abundant here. And, I could listen to her soothing voice all day long. After taking this mini retreat, I am better equipped with tools for pausing and catching my breath in my busy days."

Elise Schmidt
Ashley Dalrymple
United States

"I met Jenn in Bali when she taught yog there and was so excited to take her classes online. I’ve taken 1-on-1 as well as group classes, both great experiences! She gives different level variations in each class to accommodate everyone. I love her teaching style and recommend her her online yoga!"

"Jenn's online yoga classes were a lifesaver during COVID-19. They really helped with lowering my anxiety. She's a great instructor, I highly recommend trying out one of her classes. I tried one then purchased a monthly membership."

Nita Kang

This Course is for You If:

  • Experiencing overwhelm and need a break.

  • ​Feel stressed buy can't take time off.

  • ​Life is about everyone else and not you.

  • ​Need new healthy easy meal ideas.

  • ​Or just want to feel like you've been on vacation, without spending the money!

Feel recharged from the inside out, in just a few hours, for the cost of a nice meal out. Now only $69 USD.


Enjoy delicious healthy food that fills you up. Learn relaxation techniques that work quickly. No need to take a week off work either you can do this right at home. You will be less tense so you can move around more easily. You be calmer so you can navigate life's challenges with grace. 


Incase you need reminding "you are not being selfish!".  You can't give to others if you have nothing to give. Recharge Now!  You can still save for a beautiful vacation away.  But don't wait to take care of yourself your health is important.


NOURISHMENT is easy, fun and affordable. You can even do it with a friend or family member if you like.

 I know you are going to love this.

No I don't need this proved success plan.


I had a complicated case of adrenal exhaustion, imbalanced hormones & celiac disease. I understand the stress of balancing work, family & social obligations when you don't feel well.


I truly found magic in balancing my body mind & spirit through yoga & healthy food.


I believe we are all unique in what we need. I want to show you how you can be your own wellness guide. 


I worked at a retreat in Bali and loved it. And while beautiful destinations are wonderful what you really need is to carve out time to Nourish yourself and you can do that right at home.


Feel more like yourself again in just a few days!


Let me share the magic with you.

Hey I'm Jenn!!


I know how easy it is to put yourself last. Our hearts are in the right place but we are not doing ourselves any favors.


This retreat is a reminder of how a little focus on you goes a long way!

Jennifer Doheney

Here's What You're Getting When You Join Today:

Instant and lifetime access to 'NOURISHMENT. An online course that will guide you in making healthy meals breakfast lunch and dinner, finding relaxation & and showing you gentle ways to move.


BONUS Breathing techniques & guided meditations.


BONUS Recipes Cards

All of this for just a one-time payment of $47 and, if it's not for you I'll send you a stress-free refund.
Most frequent questions and answers



As soon as you register. You will get an email with login and password you can start right away. Doing this with a friend is a great idea, or a family member. As long as you are in the same house it works!



90 mins a day for 5 days or over a weekend. It's 7 hours.  This includes cooking, gentle exercise, and relaxation. Pretty good all three in 90 minutes! We give you the grocery list so we can cook together :)


It's yours for life :)  And when things get hectic again you can go back again and again.


You can reach me at I can point you in the direction of more tools and or services in this area.
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