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The Benefits Employees Experience from Wellness Programs

Health and wellness programs within a corporate environment are on the rise with employers realizing the true benefits of these programs. Integrating yoga into a corporate wellness, or personal fitness, routine is simple, effective, and the results are backed up with academic studies. Learn more about how to implement a corporate wellness program by clicking here .

Corporate wellness programs originally started as a perk for employees within larger companies. Nowadays, these programs and well-being initiatives are included in many standard forms of employee contracts. Large corporations across North America, and beyond, have all recognized the benefits, to the employees, as well as the company itself, of these wellness programs.

Explore how health and wellness programs, including yoga, can benefit employees of any company, large or small as well as looking at various studies that cite the real benefits of health and wellness within the workplace. WELLOGA offers several options for corporate wellness programs, for more, click here.

What Are Corporate Health and Wellness Programs?

A corporate health or wellness program was previously used as a perk for larger corporations, but in recent times, employee wellness programs have been used in a more holistic sense, promoting health and overall well-being inside and outside of work. Examples of contemporary wellness programs are corporate yoga, employee gym-memberships, healthy food programs, and more.

A corporate wellness program can be as far-reaching as a weekly activity for a year, or, a few lunch-and learn sessions that give employees the tools to focus on their own health and well-being. Incorporating an activity such as yoga is immersive, unique, and provides an experience that can have amazing benefits for any individual and their health.

Several studies, discussed later in this article, cite corporate wellness programs as a means to introduce healthy behaviors, strategies, social support, and beneficial lifestyle changes to employees. These benefits have several positive effects on employees, many of which will be discussed towards the end of this article.

How Does Yoga Fit Into a Corporate Wellness Program?

For thousands of years, yoga has been associated with health and wellness. Yoga was originally designed to form a synergy between the "lower and higher self" as well as aligning other philosophical ideologies. These ideologies include non-violence, a reflection of self, truthfulness, meditation, and cleanliness of mind and body, just to name a few. These ideologies are still reflected in modern yoga today.

These important philosophies of yoga, even though they are thousands of years old, remain incredibly important within the busy lives of 21st Century humans. One way to implement this type of philosophy is through corporate health and wellness programs.

What is Offered in a Corporate Wellness Workshop?

Corporate wellness workshops can involve a variety of health practices, exercises, and strategies for healthy living. WELLOGA corporate wellness workshops and programs are an ideal lunch-and-learn activity and promote a healthy lifestyle in and out of a work environment.

A corporate wellness program can also prevent chronic health issues from forming as well as providing a framework for future-focused lifestyle improvements or changes. Within the medical research community, there is more research based on wellness programs and their benefits to employees than any other topic concerning employers or large companies. This research overwhelmingly shows that corporate wellness programs are a major benefit to employees and employers across the world.

WELLOGA offers beneficial, tailor-made corporate wellness programs, click here for more. WELLOGA are wholeheartedly dedicated to health and wellness and our programs can are easily adapted to any level of health or fitness. WELLOGA Toronto will align our programs to suit your corporate goals, needs, and ambitions.

How Do Health and Wellness Programs Benefit Employees?

As mentioned in our "History of Yoga" article, there are several studies that correlate health and wellness programs with major benefits to the individual employee as well as the company itself.

Yoga, health, wellness have been linked for hundreds of years. The history of yoga is incredibly interesting and provides an insight as to why yoga is so effective as a wellness practice.

In a study entitled Yoga in the Workplace: A Systematic Review, claims that "a company that allowed or planned a randomized controlled trial of yoga at work is interested in reducing stress levels, increasing job satisfaction and productivity; in consequence, it could be a place with a lower stress environment", (2019).

Corporate Wellness Magazine highlights a Harvard case study concerning major conglomerate Johnson & Johnson that states: "Johnson & Johnson found that the return on their wellness programs have been $2.71 for every dollar spent, resulting in cumulative savings of $250 million on health care costs for the company over the past decade" (Harvard Business Review: 2010).

In yet another study, from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, exercise was highlighted as a major factor in their productivity and problem-solving. The study claimed, "critically, workers performed significantly better on exercise days and across all three areas we measured, known as mental-interpersonal, output and time demands.”

Contact Yogi Jennifer Doheney if corporate wellness interests you, for any general inquiries related to corporate health & wellness programs click here for our services.

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