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Burnout Recovery System.
For hard Working People Not Enjoying Their Lives.

Don't Just Fix Your Stress Today; 

Remove It From Your Life Forever.

Learn to Thoughtfully Slowdown.

Get a thorough personalized guide of Real-Life Tools to manage your Wellness, Stress & Anxiety

Find Trust In Us...


The Thoughtful Slowdown covers everything you need to know about stress & anxiety, why it happens, and how to remove it from your life forever!

I know this information will change your life as much as it did mine.


I'd like for you to leave today with ALL the support you will need to : Fix your stress today, AND pivot future stress. making your new happiness a permanent thing!

You can 100% make this happen.


Most importantly The Thoughtful Slowdown takes YOU on a personal journey to discover what's happening with YOU.  


This is not a cookie cutter approach. We treat you like the unique person you are. You have your own life experiences and unique set of circumstances to manage. 


You will learn what is in your control and what is not. Then you can focus your energy where it counts. It doesn't matter if you have physical, mental and/or emotional stress we are going to give you tools for each. 


With The Thoughtful Slowdown you are making a sustainable long term plan to be happier and healthier.


By the end of this course, you will…

This is the best and fastest way to develop your self-awareness from a 360 degree view; body, mind and soul. You may think you know yourself but let's face it you have been looking at life through the same eyes for years. 


You're stressed right? And, it doesn't feel good!


 Give yourself a chance to see life though fresh eyes. Consider philosophy's that have been around for centuries. Learn about your beautiful brain and your incredibly insightful body.


At the most basic level you will see what you need and why.  This gives you permission to put your health first. 


You will find support were you least expect it. Develop a sense of confidence you didn't know you had. You will even break those pesky habits that keep holding you back. Your last gift is how different you will feel physically, less tense and more mobile to take on life.


Here is what we will cover...


Wellness Topics to gain insight on yourself and the world around you.

Discovery Worksheets for reflection & growth.

Gentle Yoga classes to relieve tension & gain energy.

Mindful Breathing to reduce stress & anxiety.

Assorted Meditation Techniques to help relax the mind.


Learn at your own pace. 


Just click the link below to add this course to your order.


I guarantee that with The Thoughtful Slowdown will help you lift Burnout, be Happier, and Less Stressed ,

or I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


This is more than you’ll need to lift Burnout, be Happier, and Less Stressed.


RIGHT NOW, you can get all of this for just $297. 


Don’t miss out – click below to add it to your order.

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Why experience The Thoughtful Slowdown?

See what some of our students have to say :)


"The courses material combined with Jenn's knowledge make this a valuable course to anybody. I was never able to be consistent with meditation, thus wasn't getting the benefits that I was hoping for. Through, the Thoughtful Slowdown Jenn was able to provide many proven methodologies to open up different forms of mediation and yoga. She mixed traditional eastern philosophies with modern science to not only give you various techniques but followed it up with active practice so you could put theory into practice."

David Creighton

"I'm a yogi with an athletic nature, after this program I appreciate the gentle side too. During COVID-19 I experienced some concerning anxiety and anger issues.  I found WELLOGA and have learned to manage my inner and outer worlds more effectively. The information was useful and made sense, even for a skeptic like me. Jenn’s gentle manner and patient ear also help in the group sessions. "

Joanna Sherman
Chris Dixon

"Jenn balances her teachings perfectly for beginner students like myself, and those who are seasoned experts.  In The Thoughtful Slowdown Program, she guided us through physical movements and mindfulness practices which awakened us to the important intersection of both.  I highly recommend Jenn as a teacher for anyone wishing to be more present and better learn their inner self."

"This program is a perfect mix of educational knowledge and practical applications for mental resiliency and physical strength. For me, it’s what I needed to be more mindful and present to manage the stress of my demanding job. Jenn is also an amazing yoga instructor. I highly recommend her as a teacher to anyone with a busy schedule who’s trying to find ways to regain balance."

Sara Rasouli
Saul Feinstein
United States

"The best thing about this program is that it’s not a one-sized-fits-all approach. Whether you’re an intellectual learner or prefer learning through physical movement, Jenn covers all the bases and utilizes different learning styles and techniques to help individuals with their learning needs. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is feeling stressed or burned out."

"I had a wonderful and eye-opening experience taking The Thoughtful Slowdown with Jennifer. I did some yoga before, but her teaching and guidance style really allowed to fully embrace the benefits. She is patient, thoughtful and sensitive to each of the participants in the group session. I am excited to continue the journey of understanding more of the benefits of yoga in my daily life and routine."

Wayne Ivey
WELLOGA-Business-Instagram-1- (1).png
Finance Dept.
Cadillac Fairview

"Her mindfulness and yoga classes have been a huge hit. Our team is so grateful to have a chance to switch off during the day to practice some self care. We are excited to continue with WELLOGA as we are really feeling the benefits."

Here Are Some Happy Corporate Clients Too :)


This Course is for You If:

  • Experiencing mental and physical exhaustion. 

  • ​Feeling angry and frustrated.

  • ​Need help finding more time to do the things you love.

  • ​Want real-life tools to relax and manage your stress and anxiety. 

  • ​Or just want to spend more time feeling calm and happy!

You're stressed right? And, it doesn't feel good! Put your health first.


Develop your self-awareness from a 360 degree view; body, mind and soul.  Give yourself a chance to see life though fresh eyes.  


You will find support were you least expect it. Develop a sense of confidence you didn't know you had. You will even break those pesky habits that keep holding you back. The final benefit is how different you will feel physically; less tense and more mobile to take on life.


If you don't THOUGHTFULLY SLOWDOWN, you may experience temporary relief from stress and anxiety, but life will get bumpy again it always does!  Don't just feel good today, learn to pivot future stress and make being calm and happy a permanent thing!

No I don't need this proved success plan.


Hey, I’m Jenn ~ the founder of WELLOGA.


When you're feeling life's pressures, stress and anxiety can be all encompassing. 


Big life decisions can be hard to make. Top it off with not feeling well and being exhausted, it's hard to feel successful.

But you are, I assure you! You just need some reminding.

I've lived and worked in several countries not always in wellness. I've experienced a lot of life on my own. 


I was rarely happy in the moment when I could have been.

My burnout story is something for the books. Life eventually forced me to slowdown - literally!


I had an enormous opportunity to travel, study and recharge in the middle of my life. I look and feel so much younger as a result and it's created a new path.


What I learned is it's not the new locations that got me here it's the practices I learned along the way.


You can feel stronger, healthier and more relaxed staying right from home and keep working and or raising your family.


A fresh perspective on your wellness, a little letting go & some more 'you-time' you'll get there.


Invest in yourself right now you deserve to be happy.

Give me a few hours of your time and start to feel like yourself again.


I'm reachable

Jennifer Doheney

Here's What You're Getting When You Join Today:

Instant and lifetime access to 'THE THOUGHTFUL SLOWDOWN. An online course that will help you manage your wellness, stress and anxiety today and tomorrow.


Included in Package Price For a Limited Time

8 Self-discovery implementation worksheets

24 Recorded yoga, breathing and meditation videos

All of this for just a one-time payment of $297 and, if it's not for you I'll send you a stress-free refund.
Most frequent questions and answers


As soon as you register. You will get an email with login and password you can start right away.


It's yours for life :)  And when life happens to get crazy like it always does you will have a tool box of skills for all types of stress; physical, emotional and psychological. You will be ahead of the game this time.


Learn at your own pace. It was designed to be 1 hour a week self led learning. But you can do 10 mins a day if you want. There are lots of short yoga sessions and meditations you can do also when every you want as often as you want.  You could do it in a week but comfortably most complete it in 4-6 weeks.


You can come to our weekly live group sessions and ask questions there. You can also reach me at
WELLOGA - Yogi Jennifer Doheney - Certified Stress & Anxiety Yoga Therapy Svastha Yoga - T
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