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Well-being is an 'essence' within a company; how we lead, how we communicate and how we treat ourselves. It's not our fault but many offices and teams have not healed from the effects of the pandemic. WELLOGA can help you assesses your current well-being efforts and help you strategically fill in the gaps to ensure you have what you need to move your business into the future with a grateful and focused team.

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most FAQ:

How do I know I need this service?

Here are 5 great reasons: 1/ If your team is experiencing burnout. 2/ If you are struggling to get people back in the office and it is a need of your business. 3/ If your leadership team is challenged leading online 4/ If promoting from within has become difficult due to your remote setup. 5/ You want to do something worth wild for your team.

Do I need help with a strategy? "It seems pretty simple".

If generic corporate well-being programs worked every company would have a successful one;  employees would be happy and leaders could easily see it was a great investment.  A solid program needs to account for a companies unique business needs as well as the needs and wants of the employees. Analysis, collaboration & planning are necessary. Why not let an expert help you?

What makes your strategies bespoke?

We consider the type of business you are running, the lifestyles of people working for you, the skill set you require vs have, and the personalities of your team. We get multiple levels of the organization involved so your program is inspiring and well-received.

What kind of budget do I need?

We will have to do an assessment first. WELLOGA will guide you one step at a time. A solid well-being offering will be expected for new hires going forward, you may already be hearing from your recruitment team candidates are asking. We are here to help you design an effective and affordable offering. We will go for the low-hanging fruit first, and the highest rate of return. This will be an evolution think of yourself as a pioneer with WELLOGA as your supporter.

Have another question? 

What education and experience could
be included in a strategy?

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Breathing, movement, nutrition, awareness, relationships, navigating habits and change, feeling and emotions, mindfulness and lifestyle, words and thoughts and life's meaning.

20 potential Benefits



  1. Kinder and more empathetic leadership

  2. Increased efficiency

  3. Lower emotional exhaustion

  4. Less burnout

  5. Team harmony

  6. Reduced aggression & hostility

  7. Improved communication

  8. Stronger mental health

  9. Less medical issues

  10. A more creative team.

  1. Greater energy

  2. Develop self-awareness & empathy

  3. Better mood 

  4. Reduced stress & anxiety

  5. Reduced tension and pain.

  6. Improved memory & mental clarity

  7. Concentration (focus),

  8. Superior sleep

  9. Healthy posture

  10. Increased strength & flexibility.

It all starts with a call

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