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Bespoke Strategy

A Strategy Designed with Your Team in Mind

WELLOGA can help you assesses your current wellbeing efforts and help you strategically fill in the gaps to ensure you have what you need to move your business into the future with a grateful and focused team.

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The Wellbeing Matrix

Focus Areas

Our Golden Objectives

Corporate well-being is an 'essence' within a company; how we lead, how we communicate, how we navigating change in workplace, and how we treat ourselves. It's not our fault but many offices and teams have not healed from the effects of the pandemic. We need team work-life balance again. 


Consulting Tiers

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5 private conversations with senior leaders. Surveys & questionnaires are collated.  You then receive an annual strategy that outlines your wellness focus areas, operational solutions/set-ups, wellness experiences & incentive plan. We turn this around in 2 weeks. Your can action everything or do one part at a time.  This is your insurance you don't waste money on what you don't need!


Get Team Buy-In


Get everyone onboard. Give your team a voice. Let them know you want to support their health.  Host a 1/2 day brainstorming and wellness session (online or in person). Confirm tier-1 elements are needed. The team experiences bites of wellness experiences throughout session gaining excitement for launch.


Access To Booking Wellness Experts


All strategies need a live proactive component. We can give you access to over 66+ wellness workshops & experiences with expert hosts for very affordable prices. Fill your unique calendar with teachers and speakers already vetted. Wellness Expert Booking


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I need this service?

Do I need help with a strategy?

What makes WELLOGA strategies bespoke?

  1. Your employees feel stressed, you want burnout prevention

  2. You want to improve productivity

  3. You want to retain & attract new talent

  4. You are 100% remote or have a hybrid setup

  5. You want a happy, focused and inspired team

About Our Process

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What Makes a Good Wellbeing Strategy?

More on wellness, our focus, and what to expect from our programs.

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