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Focused on having energy to live a great life.

Jennifer Doheney has always been a fitness lover, yoga advocate and keenly interested in nutrition. She changed her professional direction after an 16-year career in corporate retail planning after healing herself from a complicated battle with adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and celiac disease. Finding the magic in balancing her body, mind & spirit through Yoga & diet. She hopes to share her knowledge and experience with as many people as possible.


"Each of us requires our own 'recipe' of stimulation vs. downtime, human vs. spiritual connection, as well as healthy food vs. exercise to remain balanced. On the rare occasion we master this unique combination, we experience life flowing easily." ~ Jennifer


Jennifer has discovered our individual recipes for balance continue to evolve as we age and the circumstances of our lives change.  After experiencing life abroad as an Expat in the Middle East and Indonesia Jennifer is no longer a stranger to change. With each big shift whether it was a: big move, a new job, a new relationship or a change in health other changes needed to follow to make the transition smoothly.   

So how did Jennifer stay balanced for the long term?  Well, she didn't. Food quality, water quality, physical environment, relationships, social structure, and exercise choices all challenged her well-being - Her recipe for balance.  Jennifer experienced a process of trial and error to discover what would help her to achieve the right balance again.  Spending a lot of money in the process and believing other people's solutions would be hers she only came up short. Balance and harmony were only found when she listens more closely to her own body (heart & gut included!) the answers were there all along, some harder to acknowledge than others.

Jennifer believes achieving balance all start by slowing down. Slowing down enough to notice what our body, mind, soul actually need. She believes the biggest problem is not that we don't know how to observe what we need but rather we don't make the time or consciously choose to ignore the information we are receiving daily.  


There is a state of being where you can find calm, clarity and peace through the regular practice of yoga and meditation.  Finding this state gives you the space to listen, observe and make the changes you need to feel well.  You don't have to be a monk, an athlete, a hippie or alternative to achieve this state just a little time, curiosity and a desire to feel better.

~ Discover how to find your middle ground, Jennifer did and it changed her life.



Jennifer is Canadian and a certified instructor under Yoga Alliance for Adults, Kids and Teens.. Fully insured to teach on site and CPR certified with Red Cross. She is currently working on her 500 hour Yoga Therapy certification with Svastha  - this combines traditional yoga, Ayurveda and elements of modern medicine together; a holistic & thoughtful approach to wellness. She is certified on the subject matter of stress & anxiety under Svastha.

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Yoga Therapy Certified :

Yoga Psychology for well-being, stress & anxiety

Yoga Therapy Certified :

Anatomy, physiology and, sequencing of the breath, Yoga Therapy for respiratory & cardiovascular disorders.

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Yoga Medicine:

Yoga Anatomy

Yoga Kids and Teens

Teacher Training

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