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We host a tailored suite of virtual courses, workshops and classes to help both leadership and teams better understand what wellbeing is all about. Our sessions are educational, fun and effective. Our expertise is stress management, mindful eating, yoga and meditation. 


The Thoughtful Slowdown


Get Your Professional Development, Personal Development & Movement All In One Place!

  • Learn tools to deal with stress today & tomorrow

  • Develop self awareness & insight

  • Manage your energy & improve mental focus

  • Prioritize self-care and relationship building

  • Improve general contentment

  • Build a meditation practice you enjoy

See how you can sign up your team for this 8 part training.​


learn to breathe


$1000 min ($20/person)

  • 15 mins sessions

  • Mechanics

  • How your breath reflects your state of mind and body.

  • Learn to focus & destress

  • Suitable for any audience

  • Great for shared office spaces


Mindfulness 101

1 Hour Workshop

$350 for 50 people.

  • Principles/concepts of mindfulness

  • How mindfulness came to the west

"Enjoy more of your life's moments and live in the now."


Mindfulness 102

1 Hour Workshop

$350 for 50 people.

  • How to remove common meditation barriers

  • Body-mind connection through breath

"Relax, improve mental focus and find calm."


Self CAre 101

1 Hour Workshop

$350 for 50 people.

  • What is self care?

  • What is self care not?

  • The 5 Do’s to feel great.

  • Why is this so challenging?

  • Your map to finding time.

"AND.... of course live self care experiences you can join!"

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Curated Just for you

1 Hour Workshop

$550 for 50 people.

  • Have an idea that the market can’t fill?

  • What will inspire your employees to be well?

  • What educational experience will move your business forward?

  • Town halls, quarterly meetings, team building all great reasons to reach out.

"Where we can help we will."

WELLOGA - Yogi Jennifer Doheney - Toronto Yoga Classes - Toronto Wellness Workshop Facilit

Healthy Food Cooking Break

30 Minute Workshop

$300 for 50 people.

  • 15+ recipes to choose from

  • Education on how to save time & energy

  • We have a allergy friendly kitchen

  • Food shopping list shared prior to session

  • Recipe card to take away.

"We story tell and have a great time"

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Full Cooking Experience

75 Minute Workshop

$550+ for 50 people.

  • Choose from options below:

     1) Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner

         3 dishes total

     2) Dinner: App. Protein & 2 sides.

          Fish, chicken or vegetarian.

  • Participant food shopping list

  • PDF Recipe Card

  • Allergy friendly kitchen

"Smart shopping tricks on how to keep prices down"


Corporate Yoga

60 Minutes (or less) Class

$150 for 50 people.

  • 5 styles of yoga to choose from

  • Camera's on or off

  • Cues to suit a variety of levels

  • Most popular format is 30 minutes.


​"Get out of your head and into your body"

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Corporate Meditation

20 Minutes Class 

$100 for 50 people.

  • Wellness tip

  • Breathing

  • + 10 min guided Meditation

    Mindfulness, Metta & Visualization


"Mid-day recharge. Calm your mind find your focus."



Corporate Desk Yoga

20 Minute Class

$150 for 50 people.

  • Suitable for any body

  • Seated and standing poses

"Reset Break. Get your blood flowing without leaving your desk."

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Sample videos

Assorted Classes and Clips 


  • So you can see how this works!

  • Please enjoy the complimentary classes.

"Reach out with questions we want to support your wellbeing journey."

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