why you need welloga

"Yoga is not just a fitness routine."

Contrary to popular belief yoga is not just a fitness routine - It's a lifestyle philosophy. There is no denying that a yoga class can improve your stability, strength and flexibility. But yoga is also breathing, meditation, being kind, being conscious, self-love, connecting with other humans and connecting with your inner self. It is about learning the art of observation so we can grow and become better people.

When we are in balance; we feel good physically, we can focus on work and make time for our loved ones and ourselves. Everyone wins.

Welloga online courses and classes help you find balance and give you real life tools to take away - find your middle ground.

What Is Yoga All About?



Connection with self 

Connection with others

Awareness through mindfulness

Awareness through meditation

Observe & manage emotions

Observe thoughts (inner dialog)

Practice being present

What are the benefits from practicing Yoga as a group?

Increased efficiency 

Lower emotional exhaustion 

Improved emotional boundaries

Increases harmony

Improved awareness

Reduced aggression

Reduced hostility


Improved communication skills 

Improved interpersonal skills

Less medical issues

Less psychological issues

Less emotional issues

What are the benefits of regular Yoga practice?

Better self care

Empathy for ourselves

Empathy for others

Reduced stress

Reduced anxiety

Improved memory 

Improved mental clarity

Improved concentration (focus)

Improved mood

Better self regulation

Reduced fatigue

Reduced muscle tension & pain

Increased energy 

Improved posture

Improved muscle tone

Improved flexibility

Less back, neck & shoulder pain

Improved quality of sleep


our mission

To thoughtfully help others slow down and feel a greater connection with themselves, others, and what they spend their time doing. Teaching functional movement, breathing techniques and meditation based on ancient yoga practices. Sharing easy to grasp concepts to live a mindful life and enjoy more moments.

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  • Yogi Jennifer Doheney - Toronto Yoga
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