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This is my one year work anniversary - WELLOGA is one year old, we made it!

This time last year I was flying around Toronto with stacks of printed materials knocking on the doors of Toronto's most reputable "employee focused" companies. Then I was pitching stress management focused 'lunch & learn' workshops.

I was also teaching yoga to anyone and everyone I could; adults, kids, private clients & studio community classes. It was hard work let me tell you. It required a lot of hustle!

At the beginning of March 2020 I landed my first corporate workshop gig, filled my first 8 week wellness program and I was teaching enough classes to cover my bills. "Hallelujah I can do this".

🧘‍♀️Who knew a women who worked in retail planning for 15 years (and loved it BTW), is now teaching yoga and wellness full time?! My heart was singing.

Drum roll....

Then COVID lockdown happened. No classes. No clients. No wellness program. No singing heart.

So what shape will I take now?

A big question. I quickly pivoted to online Zoom but it wasn't enough. Then low and behold I see an advertisement for an online course creation project - 'Get your course online in 30 days!'

My reaction? "Yes!" "Absolutely!" "I can do this!" I mean I'm at home anyway so why not? "It would be great to reach more people. I can have an online offering even after everything goes back to normal. Win win."

This idea was set in motion in April 2020. My 30 day project has became a 6 month endeavor LOL.

Yes 6 months. I have been a seriously focused hermit 😂. Besides my teaching yoga classes of course!

During the development of moving the intended 'in-person learning material' to an online format things began to evolve. Did you know there is knack to learning successfully online? For example the amount of content someone can take in before a break is needed. Or the various ways to deliver your teaching and have it absorbed when you don't know your audiences learning styles. Engagement, simplicity of message, and milestones of achievement all important. Pretty cool area of work actually, I've learned a lot.

As a result of my new understanding of teaching educational content via video. Two programs were born. Both on Stress & Anxiety Management with yoga at the heart.

  • 5 day workshop, FIND YOUR MIDDLE GROUND


Neither is fluffy because I'm not fluffy. But both are easy to digest and understand and most importantly the content is useful. You do not have to be a yogi to benefit it's for everyone. I can't believe we don't learn this stuff in school because we should. It would have saved me a lot of time feeling lousy, never mind pouring money into things trying to make myself feel better when stress got the best of me!

Thankfully, I don't need to worry about that now because I'm informed.

Would you believe I have 100+ videos, worksheets, quizzes & reference guides that I've designed, created, filmed myself!

The interesting part is I did it all from a one bedroom apartment. However my family room is now a permanent yoga studio (movie lights and all LOL) but I made it happen and it feels good.

It is possible to turn a sour situation into a sweet one.

The amount of content I have taken in from YouTube, webinars, and various online courses is tremendous. My technical learning of software programs and filming gear has been a project in it's self. It's all a journey building a new company, or building anything at all for that matter. A big part of the WELLOGA philosophy is to enjoy the moment and not just reach for the destination. This was my opportunity to put that into action again and be true to the WELLOGA vision.

My 30 days needed to be extended to 6 months simply because - I am who I am. It was important to feel comfortable with all areas of the project and to put something out in the world I could feel proud of. With a budget I couldn't afford to hire a team which meant a lot more 'do it yourself'.

Setting this unrealistic goal of 30-days had me down for a while when I didn't hit it. Then I changed my mindset and started having some fun. I bit the bullet and hired someone to help me, best decision ever. My mantra turned into "I'm doing this my way. It's ready when it's ready." Another WELLOGA Philosophy, stop comparing yourself to others.

You know I feel proud to have gone through this process. I realize I had a "hungry brain" during lockdown having no work. I needed puzzles to keep my mind busy and a goal to look forward to and keep my spirits up. It has been full of ups and downs that's for sure, tears and dances, long runs, long sleeps and endless computer hours. But now it's been delivered to 2 groups one in person and one piloted online. OMG it's ready to share!

My story of how I decided to start WELLOGA is woven into my programs and if you are curious you can start to learn by following the link and begin your own journey for FREE.

FREE Gift To celebrate the launch of 'WELLOGA Learning online'

Try completing these 15 poses in 15 minutes and slow your world down.

Do you feel like you're on the hamster wheel of life?

🧐 Who made us think we were supposed to manage a million things at once? It’s not really possible to do everything.

We don’t have enough energy and there are only 24 hours in the day.

Like you, I thought I could do it all. But my body literally told me “NO”. I became unwell and spent a lot of money looking to feel better.

🧘‍♀️ When I found yoga things changed. I found a connection with myself again. The mental fog began to lift. I could more easily prioritize my to-do list.

Are you willing to try something new so you don't burn out? Let me give you a FREE Yoga Guide + I'll walk you through it.

Download the Guide Below it will be worth it - 15 poses in 15 minutes

You will get a few extra treats if you take advantage of this gift you get '5 days 5 minutes of yoga' delivered right to your email. I share some personal information about my own wellness journey too.

Have a happy and stress free day everyone thanks for celebrating with me!

Founder and Yogi of WELLOGA

Jennifer Doheney

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