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What is Yoga Bliss?

What makes Yoga so special?

It is a modality like no other. Not only is it great for you physically but it's a massage for your nervous system! This makes it a wonderful stress reliever.

Let me tell you how it works.

It stimulates both the parasympathetic (fight or flight) and sympathetic nervous systems (rest and digest) at the same time. Yoga sequences bring about this harmonious balance by teetering between active and passive movements. It’s not only the speed at which we move but the order in which we make the shapes.

OK so let's break it down.

Yoga can be grouped as: 1) Upward movements 2) Back-bends 3) Folds and twists.

Upward movements & back bends are active promoting energy. Forward folds are passive inducing relaxation. Twists are detoxifying promoting blood flow, improving mobility & mental clarity. All can reduce tension, a major cause of stress!

Now what's all this talk about breathing?

When you pair your movement with conscious breathing it’s nothing short of magic! Your natural breath also has a harmonious balance. Your inhale is energizing and your exhale is relaxing. Pretty cool hey?! Imagine, all day long your breath is working to keep you centered. It doesn’t always win the battle of course but the intention is there. Practicing yoga gives us time to slow down our breathing and make it a focus. When we flow in a balanced sequence of shapes we rock our system back home - Peaceful, Relaxed & Clear.

Curious to learn more?

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Daily 5 minute live videos! WELLOGA appreciates all things wonderful from plants to food, silence to sound, stillness to movement, breathing to laughing. Our 5 minute breaks will cover anything wellness from yoga, meditation, breathing, food, beauty & nature.

Live recordings are saved so no matter where you are in the world you can enjoy a few minutes of calm, peace & happiness. Since travelling is hard right now we are bringing your retreat right to your home.

Looking forward to virtually vacationing with you.

~WELLOGA - wellness through yoga.


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