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How Does Yoga Help to Alleviate the Symptoms of Burnout?

Updated: Apr 4

Burnout can be defined as becoming overwhelmingly exhausted by overwork, overuse, stress, and more. This type of ailment is becoming more common and stress-related health problems are on the rise.

Burnout can be caused by:

- Stress in our Jobs

- Challenges in our relationships

- Problem with health

- Overworking

- Social expectations

- Social media

- Big life changes (Have a child, a move, a new job Etc)

- Environmental factors

- Daily commute

- Chemical imbalance (Including diet)

For thousands of years, yoga has been associated with health and wellness. Yoga was originally designed to form a synergy between the "lower and higher self" as well as aligning other philosophical ideologies. These ideologies include non-violence, a reflection of self, truthfulness, meditation, and cleanliness of mind and body, just to name a few. These ideologies are still reflected in modern yoga today.

How can yoga help to alleviate the symptoms of burnout? Find out more below.

What Are The Symptoms of Burnout?

There are several symptoms of burnout, but, not everyone will necessarily experience them in the same way. Burnout may compound and appear all at once, or, reveal itself slowly over a long period of time through several different symptoms.

A few of the main symptoms of burnout include:

- Inability to focus

- Extreme exhaustion

- Dizziness/nauseousness

- Brain fog/muddled mind

- Irritability and mood swings

- Self-criticism

- A feeling of being overwhelmed

- Muscle and jaw tightness

- Resistance to staying still

- Jerky movements

These are just a few of the main symptoms of burnout according to Harvard Health. However burnout may show itself through various symptoms, the common theme here is that the central nervous system is unable to perform at its most efficient level.

How Can Yoga Help To Heal Burnout?

Stress and overworking both contribute greatly to burnout. Long hours at work and stress may not be able to be avoided completely, however, yoga may help to manage these major contributors to burnout.

Working long hours, with a seemingly round-the-clock expectation that anyone is able to be contacted, contributes greatly to the deterioration of relationships, social expectations, and more, which can also contribute to the feeling of burnout. While some of these factors that contribute to burnout are unavoidable, yoga may help to equip you with coping mechanisms and routines to alleviate some of these symptoms.

Yoga International recommends a 10-15 minute routine of yoga each day to avoid the telltale signs of burnout as well as giving the body time and space to relax and somewhat reset.

As mentioned, yoga promotes a healthy synergy between body and mind, as well as giving the brain time to rest, reflect, and reset.

Yoga also promotes a healthy blood pressure. In a study from the University of Pennsylvania, published in 2013, yoga was beneficial to participants' blood pressure. On average, participants' blood pressure dropped from 133/80 down to 130/70 after a six-month period of regular yoga. A lower blood pressure may also reduce the risk of developing stress or burnout related health problems too.

Yoga's Positive Relationship With Stress Management

Stress can come from many different sources such as work, home life, social media, and more, but it is important to know that this type of stress can be managed before it compounds and contributes to burnout. Yoga has an incredibly positive relationship with stress management.

Research from Harvard Health suggested that regular yoga may have with the body's natural response to stress. Yoga offers techniques that can be used to self-soothe in stressful situations such as breathing exercises, meditation, and mindfulness. A stressful lifestyle can be balanced somewhat with a consistent exercise routine such as yoga. Even social media can add to a stressful lifestyle have a look "Detach yourself from social media with Yoga."

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