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Detach Yourself From Social Media With Yoga

Updated: Apr 4

Social media is not only incredibly prevalent within the life of a 21st century individual, but, social media is seemingly never 'off' and can always be accessed. This causes social media addiction, mental health problems such as anxiety, and many other ailments and disorders that the medical community does not yet fully understand or comprehend.

Learn how to unplug and switch off from social media regularly by using yoga and wellness techniques that we use and recommend in many of our wellness workshops, private yoga classes, and corporate lunch and learn programs.

Social Media Causes Stress - Detach Yourself From Social Media Regularly

According to a 2019 study from Lancaster University, “Social network users risk becoming more and more addicted to social media platforms even as they experience stress from their use”. This means that although social media may cause stress, it is also highly addictive in nature. This stressful addiction can lead to many health problems.

In another study from 2017, stress from continued social media use, increased users’ emotional exhaustion, intention to switch their activity (restlessness), and the increasing resistance of the user to detach from social media. Social media is known to cause stress, restlessness, stress, and emotional and physical exhaustion in many other studies.

These are just two studies that correlate the addictive nature of social media with health ailments associated with stress and other conditions.

Detach Yourself From Social Media - A Routine of No Screen Time

This routine can involve exercise, such as yoga or meditation and will become important in the journey to detach from social media. Unknown to many, social media creates a state of ‘fight or flight’ within the brain, as social media encourages users to seek out the next piece of information whether it is a picture, comment, or otherwise. Mentally, social media can have a taxing effect on its users, many of whom do not realize the health issues they are causing themselves.

During this routine, turn off your cellphone, as well as any other screens or distractions. Play music if needed but try to stay away from screens completely during this routine.

Routines such as this need time and patience to implement. Many who use social media are unaware of how often they are using it and this routine allows for beneficial exercise or meditation as well as time away from social media.

How Can Yoga Help Me Detach From Social Media Regularly?

For thousands of years, yoga has been associated with health and wellness. Yoga was originally designed to form a synergy between the "lower and higher self" as well as aligning other philosophical ideologies. The ideologies of yoga include non-violence, a reflection of self, truthfulness, meditation, and cleanliness of mind and body, just to name a few.

These important philosophies of yoga, even though they are thousands of years old, remain incredibly important within the busy lives of 21st Century humans who use social media on a regular basis.

Yoga and Stress Relief

Research from Harvard Health suggested that regular yoga may have with the body's natural response to stress.

Yoga offers techniques that can be used to self-soothe in stressful situations such as breathing exercises, meditation, and mindfulness. A stressful lifestyle can be balanced somewhat with a consistent routine such as yoga. For more check out the article "How does yoga help to alleviate the symptoms of burnout?"

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